Twitter Marketing: 13 Twitter Apps to Automate and Optimize Campaigns


With over 200 million monthly active users, Twitter can not be ignored by marketers. Whether you’re looking to grow your professional network, find customers for cust dev interviews, or drive traffic to your landing page, Twitter can be an incredibly valuable channel.

Twitter makes it easy for you to find customers and for your customers to find you. It’s a great channel to engage and build rapport with your customers. And it’s free to use! This post covers basic Twitter marketing strategies and tactics and 13 Twitter apps you can use to automate and optimize your twitter campaigns.


5 Step Twitter Marketing Strategy

I break down marketing into a five step process. The five steps break down into two parts: before initiating the campaign, and executing the campaign.

Promo-Intro Twitter Marketing Apps

Twitter Marketing Part 1

Before you start acquiring customers, you must first identify who your customers are and where they “hang out.”

1. WhoWho is your target customer segment? Who would most passionately love your product? Who is most strongly affected by the problem you’re solving?

Create a “customer persona.” Describe as much as you can about your target customer: location, lifestyle, profession, age, gender, hobbies, etc. Your customers may have some of these keywords on their Twitter profile. Using the tools below, we can search bios and target accordingly.

2. Where – Where do someone like the person you described above hang out both online and offline? Where do they go for work? Where do they go for recreation? Where else do they go to solve the problem you’re solving?

Locations might include industry conferences, Meetup groups, niche social networks, certain neighborhoods, certain stores, Facebook groups, etc.

On Twitter, your customers might be following certain people (like your competitors), or talking about certain topics or using certain keywords. Using the tools below we can monitor and search Twitter to find these people.


Twitter Marketing Part 2

Once you know who your customers are and where they are, go there to attract them, engage with them, and eventually acquire them as a customer.

3. Attract – customer sees you

On Twitter, you can attract a customer by following them, favoriting one of their tweets, getting retweeted/mentioned/replied to by someone they’re following, or appearing on a hashtag or search term they’re browsing.

4. Engage – customer likes you

Effective ways to engage a customer and get them to like you is by being helpful, displaying value, and/or building rapport and being friendly.

To be helpful on Twitter, you could find people tweeting a need or about a problem, and reply by offering advice or sending a relevant blog post. This can also be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your blog. You can build rapport with people by engaging them in conversation and/or replying to their tweets with interesting or friendly comments.

You can display value on Twitter by having a lot of followers or engaging influencers in conversation. You can be helpful to people by retweeting them or promoting their work.

5. Acquire – customer buys from you (or completes other desired action)

Customers can’t buy from you until they’ve seen/heard of you (“attract”), and, for many products, gotten to know you (“engage”). Effective acquisition at this point comes down to landing page design, pricing, having a product that people want, etc.


13 Twitter Apps for Marketing Your Business

The below tools are great ways to optimize and automate part 2 of the marketing strategy, attracting, engaging, and acquiring customers. They can help you find customers, engage with them, improve your brand, get more Twitter followers, and drive traffic to your website.

1. Needtagger – find customers expressing needs for your content or product

2. Colabo – analyze, sort and monitor Twitter data

3. Twitfox – automatically favorite relevant tweets

4. Followerwonk – analyze your social graph and your competitors’

5. ManageFlitter – identify the best time to tweet and find customers

6. Qwitter – unfollow people who unfollow you

7. SocialBro – targeting, analytics, and more

8. Socialoomph – schedule, find, and monitor

9. Tweetchup – find customers and conversations, and analyze competitors

10. Hashtracking – insights on hashtags

11. Twitonomy – insights on customers and competitors

12. Untweeps – unfollow inactive accounts

13. Buffer – automate and improve sharing


Bottom Line

There are many demographics of customers on Twitter waiting to see you, get to know you, and buy your product! The above tools make it easier to identify, find, attract, engage, and acquire customers on Twitter. To learn more about Twitter marketing strategies and tactics, and how to use the above tools to drive traffic to your site and acquire customers, check out “13 Twitter Apps: How to Automate and Optimize Your Twitter Marketing.”