How to Build a WordPress Blog From Scratch in Under 24 Hours



How to Build a WordPress Blog From Scratch in Under 24 Hours is now live! And it’s available at 65% off for the next week! You can learn more about the course below. Check out the course and take advantage of this limited time offer here:

It can cost thousands of dollars to have a blog or website made for you. But if you just take a few hours to learn how to do it yourself, you can get it done for free and in under on day. 

Enroll in this course and go From Zero to Live and Fully Functional WordPress Blogin Under 24 Hours!

Forget paying a developer thousands of dollars. Build your blog yourself!

No Prior Knowledge or Experience Necessary!

This course shows you what to do every step of the way. Just follow along, and build your blog along with the course. No need for any prior knowledge of WordPress, coding, or computer science

Check out this course and get it for 65% off here:

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to build their own blog or website. You don’t need to write a single line of code.

Over 2 Hours of Instructional Video, including:

  • Buying a domain name and hosting
  • Installing WordPress on your own domain
  • How to add Mailchimp to your blog and grow your list
  • Blogging strategy – what to blog about, how to make money blogging, and more
  • How to install and use the best WordPress Plugins
  • How to customize your blog (so it looks way prettier than mine!)

Learn How to Fish – With what you learn in this course you will have functional expertise in WordPress and the ability to build a website, squeeze page, or ecommerce site on WordPress. You will know how to customize the blog to make it look any way you like.

Save Thousands of DollarsTake this course instead of hiring a developer and get your blog started today.

Check out the course and take advantage of this limited time 65% off offer here:

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