How to Become a Startup College Affiliate Partner and Earn Passive Income Sharing Courses


By becoming a Startup College Affiliate Partner you can earn 50% of the price of courses just for sharing links!. So if a course is priced at $100 you would earn $50 every time someone makes a purchase on Startup College within 30 days of clicking your link. It costs nothing and only takes about 5 minutes to become a Startup College affiliate partner.

How to Become a Startup College Affiliate Partner

After completing the short steps described below, you will be a Startup College Affiliate Partner! You can also get a video demonstration with verbal instruction on how to complete these steps here.

a. Sign up at

If you are not already signed up at Startup College, visit and complete the registration process.

sign up

b. Email [email protected]

Once you are signed up, email [email protected] Click here for a pre-populated email. Otherwise, view the screenshot below for guidance on what to say in the email.


Once you email me, I will make you an affiliate. I will then respond to your email and give you your affiliate code.

c. Create your unique links

Once you’ve been given your affiliate code, you can create your unique links. Your links should look like this:

Replace “XXXX” with your affiliate code. Replace “COURSE-SUBURL” with the course sub-URL of your choice. Here’s an example URL if your affiliate code was XXX and you were sharing the course, How to Start a Blog.

If your affiliate code was XXXX and someone purchases within 30 days after clicking that link you would earn money.

Check out this guide for detailed instructions on how to create your unique URLs.

How to Make More Money

Below are 7 Ways you can get more traffic to your links and earn more money. To learn more about each of these strategies, watch this YouTube video starting at 5:30.

a. Link within your blog posts

If any of your previously published blog posts are on topics related to any topics of Startup College courses, add a link to the course at the end of the post or contextually within the post:

“To learn more about blogging check out How to Start a Blog

You could also write a blog post about a course itself or about a topic related to one of the courses.

b. Link within your Kindle books

Similar to blog posts, add your links at the end of your book, or contextually throughout the book. As a way to get more relevant traffic, you could write a short book on a topic that people would likely be interested in if they were interested in a given Startup College course.

c. Add a “resources” page to your blog

Create a “” page of your blog. Display a link to this page prominently on the front page of your blog. On the page, link to Startup College courses.

d. Email your blog’s mailing list

Write and send an email to your email subscribers telling them about a course and how it can help them.

e. Email friends and family

Think about who you know that’s thought about starting a blog, needs to grow their professional network, or improve some other area of their life that Startup College courses help with. Send them your links. Export your LinkedIn contacts email addresses. Add them to a Mailchimp list, send each of them personalized emails, or Bcc them all on one email.

f. Share on your social networks

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+…you know how to share stuff on social media 🙂

g. A bunch more…

Link to and mention on YouTube videos, video courses, podcasts, and speaking engagements. Use Pretty Link to create easy to pronounce and trackable URLs. Buy Facebook or Twitter ads. Answer questions on Quora. Comment on blogs and in forums. Email distribution lists for groups you’re a member of such as Meetups, work, school, or nonprofits.

Key Takeaways

  • By becoming an affiliate partner you can earn 50% of the price of the course just for sharing links to courses.
  • It costs nothing and only takes about 5 minutes to become a Startup College affiliate partner. Follow the instructions in the above blog post or in this YouTube video to learn how.
  • To get more traffic to your links and make more money, add your links to your blog posts, share them on your social channels, and send them directly to anyone you know who might be interested.

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